Thank you for visiting or joining my “Natural Wellness Products” website. This is just a little bit about why I set my page up.

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes late in 2019 I decided that I needed to change the way I was living and treating my body.

The Dr’s gave me a lecture and told me this was my body giving me a wake-up call, I couldn’t go on drinking soft drinks, cordial, beer or having 2 sugars in my coffee etc. So I started doing some Googling (as you do) and came across some great natural wellness products. There are a lot of great products out there. I decided to go with Healtop’s products, so far with great results.

With having such great results using their products I have decided to setup an online store to sell these products so anyone who is interested in feeling better, looking younger and loose some of those extra kg’s we all seem to put on, can have easy access to. Take a look, these products are 100% natural, no chemicals.

I have also started manufacturing my own natural oils, beeswax products as well as fresh 100% natural Cold Pressed juices.

The Beeswax Products are all made by us in Western Australia with products that are sourced from Western Australia. These products can be shipped worldwide.

Our Moisturising Oils and Essential Oils are produced with top quality raw materials that we get from suppliers around Australia. These fantastic oils can be shipped worldwide.

Our Cold Pressed Juices are made of 100% natural fruit and veg, there is nothing added not even water. What is in the juice has come from the fruit or veg. These juices are only available to be delivered within the greater Perth area due to the nature of the product. It’s made fresh to order and the shelf life is 6 days.

I don’t just want to sell these products. Life isn’t about making money, for me life is measured on what I can do and how I can help others.  So I also want to help people that are going through health issues, and have people help me through my issues as well, I have setup a group on FaceBook where people can ask questions and give out advise, put up posts etc, I believe that great community support is key to getting through the tough times.

If you are interested in helping your fellow humans please join our group at Natural Wellness Group

Andrew Hansen
CEO / Founder

This is my baby, I spend all my spare time working on the store, updating products, keeping the site looking good. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Maxine Hansen
Public Relations

I’m Andrew’s wife, he is the techno person and I’m the customer service guru. If you have an issue please don’t hesitate to contact me.