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I set this business up after becoming sick with diabetes, I had never really been sick in my 53 years of life, (touch wood) then late 2019 I got diagnosed, I was a shock to me, I started looking for natural products that could help me, I found these products and decided to make them available online for everyone that is interested.

A bit About ME

After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I decided that I needed to change what I was doing. The Dr’s gave me a lecture and told me this was my body giving me a wake-up call, I couldn’t go on drinking soft drinks, cordial and beer, having 2 sugars in my coffee etc. So I started doing some Googling and we came across some great natural wellness products. There are a lot of great products out there. I have decided to use Healtops products, so far with great results. I have decided to sell these products and also a range of products from SkinChemist and Dr.Botanicals on my website so anyone who is interested in feeling better, looking younger and loose some of those extra kg’s we all seem to put on, can have easy access to. Take a look, these are all natural products, no chemicals. I bring them in from Israel and the UK, so orders will take 1 – 2 weeks.

Why Choose Us

The quality of our support is unmatched

We take our customer support one step further by always keeping you informed how your order is going, if there are any issues we will always contact you.

We’re passionate about what we do

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re passionate about the products/services we provide and quality of support. We actually use the products we sell.

Proven track record

Although Natural Wellness is a relatively new website we’ve been providing quality products and service since we have started, that will never change.

Multiple products & services under one roof

We provide a mix of products suited to everyone, all on the one website.

We welcome and act on your feedback

We’re always looking to improve every aspect of our business. We always welcome your feedback, whether it’s a product you need or something we can do better.

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