What is diabetes type 2 and how can you reverse it

What is diabetes type 2?

Diabetes type 2 is when your pancreas can’t produce enough insulin that turns sugar into glucose and provide energy to your body cells.

In a normal situation, people consume sugar, that sugar turns to glucose and that glucose turns into energy that feeds our body cells.

When our pancreas does not produce enough Insulin the sugar we consume, does not turn to glucose and to energy that gets to our cells, and as a result of that the level of sugar in our blood is high. In that case there is a need to help the body reduce the sugar level to normal in alternative ways.

What are the causes of diabetes type 2?

Diabetes type 2 can be genetic but also considered as a lifestyle related illness.

The main 2 reasons for getting diabetes type 2 (besides genetics) are: Obesity or Overweight and Inactive lifestyle.

Many people do not have the time to be physically active, eat processed food on a daily basis, do not eat enough fruits, vegetables and nuts that provide needed vitamins supplements and healthy fats. Almost every processed food we eat has too much sugar, salt and other questionable ingredients and it puts stress on our body.

Is it so bad? Why you should treat diabetes type 2 and never ignore it?

People who suffer from diabetes type two are at risk for getting:

  • Heart failure
  • Heart attack
  • High blood pressure and stroke
  • Kidney failure
  • Blindness
  • Amputation
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Foot swelling

The above risks factors are real and this is why it is extremely important to balance your sugar level by any mean and never ignore it.

Is is possible to reverse diabetes type 2?

The answer is yes. There are many cases of people managed to reverse it and get to normal sugar levels by using a combination of natural means, medication and implementing an exercise regime.

In this article I will share my personal journey with you.

Why am I doing that?

Obesity and inactive lifestyles are a major problem in 1st world countries. Over 6% of adults in Australia suffer from diabetes. I wish to help other people reverse their situation since it is possible.

This is my personal story:

Hi I’m Andrew Hansen, I’m 52 years old and have never been sick other then the normal cold, etc. I have never spent a night in hospital, lucky you might say, yes I have been very lucky but that was probably my downfall, I never went to the Dr because I didn’t get sick and thought I was invincible. I never had check ups, blood tests etc. That all changed, I hadn’t been feeling well for a few weeks, I didn’t think much of it until my eye’s started going blurry, I thought I needed to update my glasses. Then I got wonky on my feet so I thought it was time I get checked out. That was when I found out all my good living was coming to bite me on the butt. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, what a shock. But now it is up to me to change that, it’s me that has to look at what I have been doing wrong all my life and change that and look after my self better, so I started reading up on diabetes, there is a wealth of great info out there. I had to bite the bullet and make an appointment with my GP, straight away he did the full blood test, gave me prescription drugs to get my sugar levels down. Gave me a lecture about my bad living habits.

He told me this was my body giving me a wake-up call. I couldn’t go on drinking soft drinks, cordial and beer, having 2 sugars in my coffee etc. So I decided to start this journey that will help me reverse my diabetes and allow me to live life without taking any medications.

I’m not really big on popping pills so I decided to look for alternative ways to support my body in this critical situation hoping that a lifestyle change will lead to better health and the main goal is to get back to normal without any medication.

The first step for me was to schedule a meeting with an iridology practitioner that happens to be a naturopathic specialist as well.

After seeing my blood results and my eyes she said the following:

Firstly she sees that my liver works hard so she recommended to support my liver by taking a supplement named Detox made by healtop. It is a natural herbal supplement that helps support the liver that works too hard to eliminate toxins from our body.

The second thing she recommended was to take Moringa Leaf Capsules twice a day for few months. I checked online and find out that moringa leafs contain Vitamin C, Quercetin and Chlorogenic acid. Those are very strong antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body and can help moderate blood sugar levels.

Her third recommendation was to use Fortify Hemp Oil on a daily basis for few months at least. I checked online and saw an article that says that CBD helps moderate obesity and obesity is one of the reasons for diabetes type 2 so it made sense for me to follow her recommendation.

I decided to order the above products based on the recommendation of my Naturopathic Specialist but not before I checked the source of those products. All of the above products are made by Healtop Wellness, a company that offers high level herbal supplements that are made according to international standards of GMP, HACCP and ISO9000. I saw some recommendations of Naturopathic Physicians in the USA for their products raving about Healtop products. I dug a bit more and find out that most of the supplements in the market today are lab made supplements and contain chemicals. The reason supplements makers are offering synthetic supplements is cost. It is much cheaper to manufacture synthetic supplements in a lab compared with herbal supplements that are made by real herbs and essential oils. Essential oils are expensive but essential oils contain so many health benefits to the body that if one wants to use a real supplement that will make a real difference, herbal supplements that contain essential oils is the way to go. Healtop supplements are unique because they are based on essential oils and herbs rather than synthetic ingredients and that is a big plus.

It was important for me to use quality products that can make a real difference so I ordered it.

Next week the products I ordered should arrive and I can start taking it. Will update as we move forward.

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